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"The purpose of this website is to share information and ideas regarding ceramic tile and natural stone installation through the use of photos, editorials and interactive forums." - Harry Dunbar
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Learn about Nuheat's radiant electric floor heating system. Under floor heat for a warm floor.

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  More FACTS and Helpful TIPS about ceramic tile and stone installation:
- Exterior ceramic tile installation
- BackerBoards
- Ceramic Tile Calculator
- Ceramic Tile Ratings

Click on this shower photo to view our Shower Gallery with full construction details. See how to build a ceramic tile shower.
Steam showers and custom showers photo gallery. Instructions for correct construction and waterproofing.

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We provide information on ALL aspects of ceramic tile and stone installation, waterproofing, building a shower pan, shower benches, niches, backer boards ... it's all here.

Preparing for A ceramic Tile Installation
What You Need To Know before having the contractors arrive to install tile. Are they using the right backerboards, mortars and waterproof systems for the ceramic tile installation? Have you been told all the facts?
Ceramic Tile and Stone Floors
Ceramic tile floors with complete preparation including isolation membranes. Plenty of PHOTOS to help with floor tile installation.
Ceramic Tile Articles and Photos
& "How-To" Pictorials
How to build ceramic tile showersHow to Build a Ceramic Tile Shower
LOTS of PHOTOS showing how to build ceramic tile showers and shower pans using thinsets, mortars, mud beds, waterproofing and backerboards.
Many of these projects are complete bathroom renovations.
Deck Mud
Detailed instructions for mixing Deck Mud for Mortar Beds. Ceramic tile floors and shower pans. 
How to Build a Shower Pan
Construction of a shower pan, including liner, drain, mortar bed and curb. Shows mud-work and slope of mortar bed. 
Kerdi Board
Kerdi Board - waterproof and vapor retardant panels for showers, steam showers and saunas. Build just about anything. 
How to Build a Steam Shower Using 1" thick Kerdi Board - waterproof and vapor retardant backerboard panels. Heaterd shower pan and trough drain. 
Radiant Heated Floors
Radiant Heating Cables. Hydronic Heating System, leveling with mortar. Shows how to prepare for ceramic tile or stone installation. 
Ceramic tile and stone floors
Various photos of floor ceramic, porcelan and stone tile installations.
Building a Ceramic Tile Jacuzzi/Deck
How to build a ceramic tile Jacuzzi and waterproof deck. (Wedi Board)
Ditra Uncoupling Membrane
Where and why Ditra isolation membrane is used for ceramic tile or stone installations.
Kerdi membrane and drain system
Waterproof shower pan and backerboard using Kerdi waterproof membrane.
Heated ceramic tile showerpansHeated Shower-Pans
How to install NuHeat radiant heating cables in a shower increasing warmth and comfort for a ceramic tile or stone tile shower. Kerdi membrane a drain system for the showerpan. 
Heated ceramic tile shower floorsAnother ... Heated Showerpan Floor in a Steam Shower
A Steam Shower radiant heated showerpan with a linear drain. Sloped showerpan with no curb, Kerdi Board for the shower walls.

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