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Failed Exterior Tile Job

Here's an example of what will happen if proper run-off and waterproofing aren't incorporated into exterior tile work. See how we fix the problem.

All the slate tile installations on this condominium's decks are failing. Look where I scraped right down to the original concrete slab. There is a very thin layer of what looks to be a mortar bed unbonded to the concrete slab. The mortar bed wasn't properly sloped for effective "run-off".

Basically water found its way through the slate and into the mortar bed where it saturated the tile system, froze and expanded in the winter causing damage to the bed underneath and disintegrating many of the tiles. The only material working to keep this installation together as much as it is, is the medium bed mortar (bond coat between tile and mortar bed) which is a crust over top the disintegrating, improperly built and unprotected mortar bed.

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See how we fix it.  

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