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Ceramic Tile Bathroom Renovation ... turning 1 bathroom into 2.

All work by: Harry Dunbar

Before Photos ... (Pre-demolition)
    At this end the changes are:
  • The Jacuzzi is going.
  • The toilet will be relocated to where the jacuzzi is.
  • The vanity will be relocated where the toilet is.
  • The shower will be located where the far sink is.
  • A partition will be about where the draws of the vanity are.
Before Photos ... (Pre-demolition)
    And at this end the changes are:
  • The shower is going.
  • The toilet will be relocated near where the draws are.
  • The tub will be where the shower and sink are.
  • There will be a wall between the toilet and tub.
  • The vanity will be where the garbage can is setting.
The demolition will determine any unseen problems with plumbing and joists etc. I had to obtain a building permit because we are adding a toilet for the second bathroom ... and this house is on a septic system.
I've had to rip out much of the floor and lower sections of walls to gain access for adding and reconfiguring plumbing as well as connecting to the stack and venting.
I will be adding another heat vent to accomodate the second bathroom.


I've laid a pre-cut sheet of Wedi board across the top of the tub so that I can apply a bead of sealant which will be between the flange of the tub and bottom inside edge of the Wedi when I lift it up into place and fasten it to the studs.

Meanwhile, back on the other side of the wall the tub surround is taking shape.

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