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How to build a ceramic tile Jacuzzi and deck

All work by: Harry Dunbar
Barrie, Ontario
Phone: (705) 424 - 5144
Toll Free: 1-866-837-7773

(Toll Free for Ontario residents)

When building an entire jacuzzi deck with ceramic tile, it's important that it be of a solid construction. A jacuzzi tub is subjected to a lot ofstructural stress when constantly filled and emptied of water over the years and any movement caused by that stress would have an adverse effect on the ceramic tile installation.

The following photos might help to explain most of the procedure for building and tiling a jacuzzi deck.

I used Schluter Rondec for trim (matches the taps)

Here's what I started with.

You'll notice that the ceramic floor tile is already installed and well centered in the room.

The first thing I'll need to do is figure out exactly how high the tub is from the subfloor. Then I build my frame.
(see next photo)

The frame is complete.

After the frame is built I'll need to install a layer of plywood to support the weight of the tile and movement caused by entering in and out of the tub. It all needs to be STRONG.

Notice I've applied a generous bead of construction adhesive before installing the plywood.
I always use a minimum ¾" layer of exterior grade for this application.

Once he plywood is installed I use a template to cut the hole for the tub.

Next ... I apply a bed of modified mortar before setting the WEDI Board over the plywood.

Notice the bead of WEDI caulking along the edge of the face panel. This ensures a solid and water tight bond between the 2 panels. WEDI caulking is used at every joint.

The WEDI is complete.

I've used some mortar to fill in a few imperfections and spaces along the wall.

The next day after the mortar is dry, I've applied a liquid waterproof membrane along areas that may be susceptible to moisture.

I've added a few extra braces along the back and corners.

There is over 2" of material creating a very strong structure.

The finish plumbing was installed and pressure tested before the tub was installed. The tub was installed with the overflow connected, and then the drain was connected from the access below. Quite a bit easier than most installations.

The weight of the tub is NOT on the tiled deck of the jacuzzi. There is a bed of dense insulation foam under the base of the tub bracing a substantial amount of the weight.

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