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Ceramic Tile Shower Construction / Kerdi Waterproof System

All work by: Harry Dunbar

Ceramic Tile, Kerdi and Mortar supplied by:Tilemaster

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From start to finish.
By: Harry Dunbar

My customer took on the responsibility of building the shower frame. He did a great job!
After he finished installing the backerboard, I began building my mortar bed.

I always install the Kerdi drain at the same time I build the mortar bed.
Brick and mortar bench.
I've built the curb using the same mortar I used to build the bench. (Mortar-Mix)

The 2 pieces of wall board attached on each side of the curb are temporary and were only used as a guide for the required thickness of the mortar to accommodate the drywall to be installed later.
The Kedi membrane.

Cement board was installed inside the door covering the existing 2"x4"s before any further membrane was installed.
The soap dish is marble with a slightly raised back section that requires me to make a recess in the wall tile so that it may be set with mortar.
I like to put the ceiling tile in first before setting the last row of wall tile.
It simply looks better.

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