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Ceramic Tile Shower Construction / Kerdi Waterproof System

All work by: Harry Dunbar

Ceramic Tile supplied by: Tilemaster

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Severe Mold and Water Damage!

By: Harry Dunbar

Eveything needed to be ripped out and replaced because of the mold and water damage clearly evident as you'll see in these photos.
Notice the stained grout lines and missing caulking.

Moisture has penetrated every section of this improperly installed ceramic tile system. Notice along the soap dish.
Missing grout caused by deflection combined with moisture wicking up into and behind the backer board.
The moisture damage is so severe that these tiles are almost ready to fall from the wall.

The backer board which is Greenboard is soaking wet.
Look at the beads of moisture clinging to the vapour barrier.
Everything is ripped out for reconstruction. I'll be installing new floor and wall tile as well as a new tub, plumbing and toilet. My customer will install a new vanity and sink on his own.
After adding a few more studs into the walls I installed Wedi Board which is a pricey .... but very effective backerboard. It's ideal for constructing niches like the ones in this photos.

The niche on the left is ready for tile .... notice the sealer applied to the joints of the Wedi panels. No waterproof membrane required .... it's now waterproof.

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