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Ceramic Tile Shower Construction / Bathroom Tile

Complete shower construction and bathrrom tile work.
By: Harry Dunbar

There is a big hole down into the floor to accomodate the new plumbing. Unfortunately some of the joists were damaged and required repair and added material before installing new 5/8" plywood.

The shower will be located to the left and the cardboard template shows where the tub will be located.
Here's what I have to work with.

The whole top section needs to be rebuilt.
I have to figure a way to build around the existing supply lines put in by the plumber.

Look at the hack job on the floor joists from the original plumber. These joist require added support and blocking wherever I'm able to reach.

At least now I have access to install a new ceiling fan in the bathroom.
The mortar bed and Kerdi drain has been installed

I have instructions to build mortar beds for shower pans all over this website if you need to see how they're built.
I'm using concrete blocks to form my bench.
The finishing touches with masonry-mix
I use a cardboard template to obtain the size for a granite seat.
After I pathched the floor with new plywood, I installed HardiBacker board. I feel this is the best product for the job because of the small size tiles that will be installed here. The tub has legs which will have quite a bit of pressure pushing downward.
I'll be installing split-face granite over the cement board to the right of shower.
After using Wedi board on several jobs I've decided that from now on I'm going to use Wedi for all of my shower ceilings. It solves all kinds of issues with a very simple installation. It's light, strong, waterproof, easy to seal ..... and easy to cut.
Wedi Corp

Bottom line ... do what it takes to make the job RIGHT. It doesn't have to be any one system or method .... as long as whatever combination of applications are best suited for the project.

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