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Ceramic Tile Shower Construction / Waterproof System

All work by: Harry Dunbar

Ceramic Tile, Kerdi and Mortar supplied by:Tilemaster

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From start to finish.
By: Harry Dunbar

The first thing to do is all the plumbing.
The old shower control was on the right side of the stud. I'm making the shower slightly larger so I've adjusted the new controls to the left side of the stud to have them located in the center of the wall. I'll do the same for the floor drain.
The new shower control is done.

The toilet flange will need to be relocated because it is too close to where the new shower will be. Also ... this floor is sloped so needs to be built up. When I install the new flange it will be almost 1" higher than the old one.
Sound proofing has been installed and I'm ready for backerboard.
I've used Wedi board for my backerboard.
I've installed poly and lath in preparation for the mortar bed.
The Kerdi drain is in place.
All the prep has been finished .... and now the mud work.
The mortar bed for the shower pan and curb is complete.
Kerdi waterproof membrane is installed. The Wedi board is waterproof so requires no extra process to create a waterproof system other than special caulking used for all the seams and corners of the board.
Notice the slope of the main floor in relation to the "level" curb. The floor is about an inch lower on the left hand side of the room. It will be leveled with medium bed mortar before the Ditra and tile are installed.
One more coat in addition to this one will do the trick.
My customer decide to have a bench installed after the tile was already started. It's not the way I would normally do it, but it can be done.
Mortar-Mix and cinder blocks.
The bench MUST be waterproofed. I'm using a liquid waterproofing and crack isolation membrane made by Kiesel. Okamul DF is the product name.

"There have been questions as to why I waterproof the bench before I tile. I do it because I don't want moisture EVER finding its way into the mass of mortar and block. My thinking is no moisture .... no discolored grout or odors months or years down the road."
The floor tile and sides of the curb are completed before the rest of the wall tile or bench.

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