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Bathroom Renovation

Here's How It Came Together.
By: Harry Dunbar

I've installed the heating cables first.
This system is the "ProSeries Cable" manufactured by Flextherm
Most of the studs in the tub surround wall are warped and twisted. This must be fixed before the backerboard is hung.
After the cables are installed I apply a layer of self-levelling-compound or as in this case .... medium bed (modified) mortar.
After the cables are leveled with mortar and have set up, I install Ditra anti-fracture membrane.
Ditra is an uncoupling system which protects the ceramic tile or stone installation from various movements of the substrate. Although it adds to the cost of the project ... it protects the entire system from failure caused by expansion and contraction of the substrate.
Another asset of this product is that it is waterproof. Considering this is a bathroom project which is susceptible to moisture .... I'd say we're on the right track.
Cement board has been installed.

.... and the seams mudded.
The next day I applied "RedGard", a liquid waterproof membrane.

I don't like the idea of moisture ever finding its way into structures where moisture is a potential problem (ie: showers, tub surrounds).... NO mold or water damage will ever occur here.

The following day I begin installing the ceramic tile.
I've installed wire lath in preparation for the mud-work.
The mud work is done. All I need to do now is waterproof both niches before tiling.

I used one of my corner pieces to finish the trim along the mirror. It was bonded and grouted with white silicone so that vibrations and movement of the mirror would have no effect.

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