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Ceramic Tile Bathroom Renovation

All work by: Harry Dunbar

Ditra and Wedi Board supplied by: Tilemaster

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Here's How It Came Together.
By: Harry Dunbar

This 40 year old cast iron tub weighs several hundred pounds and I'm by myself.
I'll use the saw to create a couple of relief cuts before smashing the crap out of it with the sledge hammer.
I had to smash it in even smaller pieces than shown here in order to remove it.
I installed a joist and blocking to give this area a strong support before patching with 5/8 plywood.
Shown here is the 5/8" plywood over the entire floor. The hole will be filled with 2 layers of plywood to bring it level.
As shown in the above photo, I've left an area in the floor open to allow the plumber to do his work.
I've also left out a few supports in the back wall until all the plumbing and electrical is completed. On the other side of that wall there is another bathroom which will act as the access for now until all the work is done. It will be constructed as the only access panel when my work is complete.
Before installing plywood to the sides of the jacuzzi with deck screws, Iapply carpenter's glue for a little extra bond.
I've used 5/8" exterior grade plywood for the sides. The top section will have added supports constructed and a layer of 3/4" exterior grade plywood. I can't complete the inside and top of the frame until I have the actual tub on location with the template for the cut-out.

There will also be another layer of 1/2" WEDI board which is a waterproof backerboard specifically for ceramic tile installations.
The floor is now ready for the installation of Ditra .... a crack isolation membrane.
Ditra has been installed using a polymer modified thinset mortar.
The 18"x18" porcelain tilehas been installed using an unmodified thinset mortar.
Now that the floor is done ... I get back to the jacuzzi.
I've used 3/4" plywood for the top surface of the jacuzzi.

I've used Wedi board over top the plywood surfaces. It has been set into thinset mortar and fastened. This product is costly, but you save time with the ease in workability. So depending what your time is worth to you ... it may save you some money. As a backerboard, it will exceed all others in its performance.
Looks like I'm done. Now if we can get the plumber to show up .....

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