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Ceramic Tile / Radiant Heat

The area I'm working on is an exterior deck which will be enclosed after the tile work is completed.

After the cables are installed and leveled ... I'll be using Ditra for the field area and Kerdi at the sloped edges where about 9 inches of the perimeter will be subject to the weather.

Before I begin installing the heating cables I'll have to first level this area with self-leveling-compound. Shown here is the primer required before the SLC can be applied.�
My second application which will bring up to where I want it.
While the leveling compound is drying I'll begin installing the gauges for the heating cables. The gauges are what hold the cables into place.�
You couldn't ask for an easier method of installation. I usually keep 2 of these glues guns going at the same time so there's no waiting for the glue to melt.�
�The gauges are installed.
The cable is very flexible and easy to snap into place.�
Chose an area close to the location of the thermostat for the probe.�
A lot of contractors like to use a self-leveling-compound to bury the cables, but I like using a high grade medium bed mortar.

The pink foam material along the perimeter acts as an expansion gap and can be cut away after the mortar dries.�
An anti-fracture / uncoupling membrane like Ditra is the best way to ensure a long life for this heated ceramic tile floor.
At the edge of the Ditra there will be a panel of glass to separate the deck from the outside elements. There will be one more row of tile past the edge of the Ditra which will require a sloped, waterproof surface with a drip-edge. The drip-edge in this case will be overhang of the tile.�
I'm applying medium bed mortar to create a slope and bond coat for the Kerdi waterproof membrane.�
The entire edge of the deck is ready for tile.�
Tiles aren't grouted yet. They're wet from a clean-up prior to grouting.

The area between the side of the house and edge of the tile won't be grouted, instead I'll caulk to allow for movement.

�After the glass panels were installed and fireplace built, I went in for a final clean-up.

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