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Ceramic Tile Steam Shower & Tile Bathroom (Radiant floor heating)

All work by: Harry Dunbar
Barrie, Ontario
Phone: (705) 424 - 5144
Toll Free: 1-866-837-7773

(Toll Free for Ontario residents)


For this bathroom I've installed Flextherm electric floor warming cables installed over the main floor and I'll also be installing a separate heating system for the showerpan.
I've used 1/2" Kerdi board for inside the steam shower.

You can see that there will be no curb stepping into the shower. This showerpan will slope directly down toward the linear drain at the wall.

I've installed Ditra as a slipsheet for my mortar bed.

All the materials used here (Ditra, Kerdi membrane, Kerdi Board, mortars and grouts) were purchased at Tilemaster in Barrie, On.
Tilemaster has 2 locations in Ontario - Barrie and Aurora, and they have been extremely helpful to my customers over the years.
Visit their website:

Notice the pitch in the ceiling. I've made a 1 inch drop per 12 inches.
I've used Kerdi Fix caulking to seal the drain and weep holes.
This clamping drain is normally used with a liner material under a mortar bed, but because I'm going to be using Kerdi membrane I need to change a few things to accommodate the flow through and to the drain..

Setting up the drain while building the mortar bed.

The deck mud is a bit too coarse to fill the dove tails of the Ditra, so I applied a thinset slurry to help create a bond between the Ditra and mortar bed.
Another generous bead of Kerdi Fix caulking to seal between the drain and the trough of the linear drain.
Keeping it set into the mortar bed level is important.
After the drain is properly installed I begin building the sloped mortar bed for the showerpan.
Notice that the main floor area has been skimmed over a couple times to cover and level the heating cables.
After the mortar bed has been completed I set a few tiles in place to confirm where the showerpan tile will meet the main floor tile.
Once I know exactly where glass panels and tile are going to be, I install the heating cables for the showerpan.

See the cable disappear into the hole at the edge of the Ditra? The showerpan heating cable is unable to cross over the heating cables installed on the main floor, so my only option was to go under the subfloor between the floor joists and route the cold lines to the thermostat.

This is where my steam head is going to be located. Kerdi Fix won't hold up to the heat so I've used the seal included with the Kerdi drain kits. I know Schluter systems have a number of uses for these things .... but I only use them for my steam showers.
I've buried the cables in mortar.
After a second coat of mortar to smooth out the surface, I'll now install a layer of Kerdi membrane to completely waterproof the showerpan.

Kerdi is also a vapour retardant.

After the mortar has dried I applied a generous application of Kerdi Fix around the linear drain to seal between the drain and the Kerdi membrane.
Now we're ready for tile.
Tile and grouting are finished.

Plumbing fixtures, speaker, steam controller and other fixtures still need to be installed.

The tile has been installed inside the linear drain.
In the back section of this bathroom is a small laundry room. There is also a mortar bed sloped to the drain (not as deep as the showerpan) and waterproofed with a liquid membrane. This area will be isolated with a pocket door (shown in photo)
Glass Panels and Door provided and installed by:
Barrie Metro Glass
Barrie, Ontario, Canada

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