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Ditra for Exterior Installations

Harry Dunbar's contact information
Barrie, Ontario, Canada
Phone: (705) 424-5144
Toll Free (Ontario) 1-866-837-7773

I used Ditra to waterproof the existing concrete slab and to act as an isolation membrane. The Ditra is bonded to the slab with a good quality non-modified "dry set mortar". Dry set mortar mixed only with water and NO ADDITIVES is very important for this installation. The construction of Ditra allows for the extra stress caused by water freezing and expanding. The waterproofing is completed by using strips of Kerdi on every seam of the Ditra ...... as Steve is doing here.

As you can probably tell from the dark photos, there is an overcast and possible rain. I've laid out sheets of poly to protect my work from water so that I may continue my installation tomorrow when we're back into sunny and hot days.�

I used Kerdi waterproof membrane on 2 areas of the house which will also be tiled.�
Un-modified dry set mortar was also used to install the tile.

Still wet from the final wash, you can see how my step-son James (who has worked with me for around 7 years) has done his corners. He was responsible for most of this installation and did an excellent job.

Click here to see a failed exterior installation and understand why a positive slope and waterproofing are important.
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