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ceramic tile shower construction
All work by: Harry Dunbar
Barrie, Ontario
Phone: (705) 424-5144
Toll Free: 1-866-837-7773

(Toll Free for Ontario residents)


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Shower Construction

The work involved with building this shower was part of a complete bathroom renovation. It included re-routing plumbing, tearing down walls, killing mould/mold, building mortar beds for walls and floors and water-proofing.

Steve completing the finishing touches with the grout.
Kerdi (waterproof membrane)was used for the floor, part way up the walls and the seat.
First Photo.

Ditra isolation membrane has been installed over the existing sloped slab for waterproofing. Because of overcast skies we've protected the installation with sheets of poly.
Second Photo

Finished! We'll wash the haze from the grout off with warm water and white vinegar.
Third Photo


The biggest job is cutting the marble (field) tile to create an inset on the floor for the medallion.

After centering the field tile and then temporarily setting the medallion into its intended location, I grind and sand each marble tile so that it is almost a factory edge along the outside edge of the medallion.
After each surrounding marble tile is cut to fit, each one is then set into a bed of mortar around the medallion and leveled with the existing marble tile. The medallion is removed and the floor built up with mud to accommodate the difference in thickness. The next day the medallion is reset into place and leveled with the rest of the floor.
Even smaller bathrooms can accommodate ceramic tile.
Backsplash behind stove. Notice the "Pot Filler" faucet.

Tiles are dark from being freshly grouted.

Photo taken several months later.

Hey look at that .... they're still on the wall!

Here's a combination of 18" and 12" tiles used in a foyer. The main area shown in the next photo looking through the kitchen.
18"x 18" tile set over Ditra
Slate tile
This porcelain tile installation is installed over a 2" mortar-bed with Ditra as a waterpoof isolation membrane. Notice the slope of the tile in relation to the back railing. Waterpoofing and slope as well as a good drip-edge are required for most exterior ceramic tile work.
Floor freshly washed before grouting.
Same room as above

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