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Hydronic Radiant-Floor Heating

Before the Hydronic Radiant-Floor Heating tubes are installed the roofing felt and lath is installed. James is using a stapler with 1" staples and a 1/2" crown.
Bill and James .... almost done.

The plumbers install the heating tubes.
After determining how thick of a mud-bed I need I start by building a screed which is used as a guide to level, pack and scrape the mortar filled into the center of the screed.
Normally the mortar bed is 1-1/4 inches thick but in this case I've increased the thickness to compensate for the heating tubes. The mortar bed is about 2 inches thick for this installation.

Ungauged Quartzite.

It has been freshly washed and rinsed and will be sealed at least twice before grouting.

These Quartzite Natural Stone tiles are all different sizes and thicknesses and have a very unique texture and colour which gives this room (Called a Muskoka Room) an amazing look not done justice by the photo.

Not grouted yet.

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