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Electric (Radiant) Heated Ceramic Tile Floor

All work by: Harry Dunbar

Floor Warming System
supplied by: EasyHeat

I use all types of heated floor cables and mats, but for this job I'm using an EasyHeat product.

This floor has 2 layers of 3/4" exterior grade plywood which gives it all the strength needed to support the ceramic tile.

Now that the cable is complete, I'll have to level the entire floor with mortar so that the cables are protected and the floor flat in preparation for the tile.

All the cables are started and finished here. The white wire is the lead to the sensor which sends the temperature to the thermostat.

Because the sensor is thicker than all the other cables, I've notched the plywood so it will sit slightly lower.
I'm using a medium bed mortar which has a coarser sand and a very strong bond. Mapei's "Ultra Contact" works well to level everything. I'll need one more coat to give me a flat enough surface for the tile.

The following day.

The second coat of medium bed mortar levels the cables to where I like it.

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