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Kerdi Board

Ceramic Tile Shower --- Schluter Kerdi Board

Building a shower, curb, niches and bench with Schluter's KERDI BOARD.

All work by: Harry Dunbar

Here's the backer board for my shower.

Schluter System's Kerdi Board ... both vapor retardant and waterproof.

I'm using 3 thicknesses, 1/2", 3/8" and 2".

The room I'm going to tile is this room just before entering the sauna .... to the right is an existing shower which will need to be taken out.

Notice the light switch and heating element control (240Volt) right beside the shower door. I'll move those further out of reach from the shower.

This small closet will be removed and the space used for the new shower.
The new plumbing will be going on this wall.

I'll install 3/8" Kerdi Board directly to this cinder block wall.
The wall is plumb and flat so I've spread thinset mortar for a bond coat.
Care is needed to ensure that the 3/8" thick Kerdi Board is pushed well into the bond coat.
Kerdi Board is the only backer board that is able to provide ALL the requirements for showers and steam rooms. It is waterproof, vapor retardant and structurally sound.
  • Waterproof
  • Temperature Resistant
  • Easy to handle
  • Vapour Retardant
  • Thermally insulating
  • Suitable over ANY substrate
The wall outside the shower at the other end of this small room is a little rougher and uneven, so I'll apply the mortar differently.
I'm using the 1/2" Kerdi Board for installation on this wall. Schluter says you may use 3/8" for this application, but I'll opt for the slightly thicker option until I use Kerdi Board a few more times.

Applying the mortar this way to the back of the panel allows me the ability to adjust the board to accomodate the imperfections of the wall.
Of course making sure the Kerdi Board is flat and plumb.
Special washers are used with screws to attach 1/2" Kerdi Board to the wall studs.
I've cut strips of 2" Kerdi Board to build my curb. I've set the first piece into thinset mortar.

It's possible I may never build another wire lath and mud curb.

I've applied mortar as a bond coat for the next piece of Kerdi Board.
Any adjustments required for slope and height can be made using a bit of mortar during tile installation.

It is easy to build a custom curb to fit any sized tile.

I'm using 2" pieces of Kerdi Board for my shower bench.

I know it looks a little sloppy ... but I like using lots of mortar.

I have built a lot of shower benches over the last 3 decades .... but none as fast and easy as this.
It's strong, solid and waterproof.
You might be able to see that I haven't installed a piece in the top of the niche. I'll wait until some of the tile is installed so that I can adjust the height of it a bit better.
I also have a niche installed on the opposite wall by the plumbing.
I've used Schluter's Kerdi Band for all the seams and joints inside the shower (wet area).

I probably didn't need to tape around the niche, I'm sure the Kerdi Fix would have done the job.

The mortar bed is also done. I'll install the Kerdi waterproof membrane the following day.

This showerpan is built over a basement slab and I've installed a new basic drain .... not the Kerdi drain. The Kerdi drain would be the ONLY option had this not have been over a basement slab.
Kerdi membrane has been installed.
This exhaust fan installation gave me a lot of trouble because I couldn't bury it into any part of the structure.
Making a box is going to be an easy task with Kerdi Board.
The Kerdi Board is so light and the Kerdi Fix so strong that I had absolutely no problem with everything staying in place.

While I have the Kerdi Fix out .... I might as well seal around the drain before tiling to ensure a water-tight seal.

Even though this shower pan is constructed over a basement slab .... if you aren't experienced with this type of work, stay with the proper Kerdi-Drain for this installation and don't deviate from the manufacturer's recommendations.
Nothing fancy ... just another basic shower.

Kerdi Board will be available in North America April 2010

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