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Waterproof Shower using Kerdi Membrane

How It Came Together.
By: Harry Dunbar

The cement board has been installed by the contractor.

There were strips of cement board attached to the curb which I removed. I'll build a mud curb.

When using Kerdi, the seams don't need to be taped and mudded .... but I usually do it any way.

I'm using modified thinset mortar to mud the seams.

I've installed the Kerdi to the walls first so that the floor can be prepared without disturbance.

When building the mortar bed, the Kerdi Drain must be set into the mud so that it is firmly into place.
The mortar bed is complete.
I've used "mortar mix" to build the curb into the shower.

This is as far as I go today with this project. I'll let it set up over night and complete the Kerdi tomorrow.

I've applied Kerdi to the floors, corners and curb. This shower is now water tight.
A thing of beauty!

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