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Shower Floor Tile using Kerdi Membrane and Kerdi Drain

How to build a showerpan using the Kerdi membrane and drain

kerdi shower pan
All work by: Harry Dunbar

The first thing to have ready for shower pan construction is the basic construction of the shower stall.
kerdi shower pan Once the frame and backerboard is installed you can build a sloped mortar bed using Deck Mud
If you look carefully you will notice the roofing felt and lath installed to the subfloor.
kerdi shower pan The mortar bed for the shower pan has been sloped, dropping toward the drain.
kerdi shower pan This shower will have a bench installed. I'm using block and mortar to build the foundation for the bench.
kerdi shower pan Once the bench and curb are done, I let it dry overnight before installing the Kerdi membrane.
kerdi shower pan I've installed the floor and bench first. I could have installed the Kerdi on the walls first but chose not to. Whatever you're comfortable with as long as you don't work over a freshly installed area.

Although you're able to install Kerdi with either modified or un-modified thinset mortar, it MUST be overlapped at the seams and bonded with un-modified. So you might as well use unmodified mortar to bond the Kerdi to all areas you intend to cover.

kerdi shower pan After the Kerdi membrane is completely installed, let it dry overnight.

kerdi shower pan

When installing ceramic tile over the Kerdi membrane it's important to use the proper mortar. Schluter requires you to use unmodified thinset mortar.

The Kerdi drain is setting loose and was placed there so that I could adjust my tiles to accomodate the drain with minimal cutting.
kerdi shower pan Spread your mortar evenly and be generous around the drain opening.

You may then set the Kerdi drain assembly into the mortar.

Use caution not to push the plate down too far through the plastic ring. This will pushed down later after the tile is installed so that you are able to adjust the drain plate flush to the surface of the tile.
kerdi shower pan Using your trowel ... spread mortar evenly around the plate.

kerdi shower pan Once the ceramic tile has been installed around the drain you may then carefully push the drain plate down to meet the level of the tile.


Visit my Shower Gallery to see similar showerpan construction.

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