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Bathroom Renovation

All work by: Harry Dunbar
Barrie, Ontario
Phone: (705) 424 - 5144
Toll Free: 1-866-837-7773

(Toll Free for Ontario residents only)


This bathroom is in a older home and has long passed the point of a needed face-lift. Moisture has settled in past the tiles and allowed for the growth of mold. Moisture has also caused the tile installation to fail.

The owner of this home is renting it out to tenants and is concerned for their health. She is knowledgeable on the harmful nature of mold and has taken action to have it removed and to have a bathroom constructed which will not allow mold to grow here again.

Based on these photos I think we can safely assume mold is a problem.
Mold has caused damage not only in the tile, but in areas above the tile. The entire damage won't be calculated until we begin demolition.

Even with an open window air will not circulate properly ... especially in the winter when it's kept closed. We'll need to install a ceiling fan.

Day 1

Bill is ripping all the existing backerboard and window trim out.

The black tar paper behind the backerboard is torn and will need to be covered with another vapour barrier.

The tub is also removed. Tubs aren't all that expensive to replace and it was important to remove or kill any mold from the area behind it.
I'll replace the mirror, vanity and re-wire with proper a "Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter"(GFCI) receptacle. The fan will also be wired through the GFCI.

Day 2

The new tub is installed and connected with new ABS fittings. The plumbing for the shower has been installed.
At the end of the day we installed MapeiLath and a medium bed mortar (Mapei Ultra-Contact) on the floor.

Day 3

The next day we install a vapour barrier and use cement board as our backer.

The cement board has been installed and the seams mudded with mesh tape and thinset mortar.

I installed the floor tile at the end of the day.

(Day 4 is not shown. Most of the electrical was done during that time.)

Day 5

I tiled the ceiling. It was painted before and didn't have an exhaust fan. Having installed a ceiling exhaust fan will make a big difference in the amount of humidity during showers.
The shower tile work is done. I'll silicon where needed after the grout dries.

Day 6

Installed the toilet, vanity and wired the electrical switches.

All that's left now is a bit of sanding and painting..

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