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Consumer Protection

Get EVERYTHING in Writing!
Having faith in the qualifications of our tradesmen is important as is the integrity of the methods and content of advertising. A business card or newspaper ad can say anything the originator intends, BUT ... must be tested by the consumer before a transaction occurs. The onus is without doubt on the consumer to perform the tasks necessary to ensure that the service provider can stand up to the scrutiny of an examination of his / her trade practices.

    Consumer Tips
  • A deposit may be required for larger jobs. The amount of this deposit is based upon the amount of materials, additional trades (ie: plumbers, electricians) and time required for the project. I normally ask for 35% to 50% deposit (depending on materials) before I commit to setting a date.
  • Always have a complete written agreement between yourself and the contractor.
  • Inspect the work being done and don't be afraid to ask questions.
  • Ask for references. A good Tile-Setter will always have a record of previous jobs and customer referrals.
  • Ask for a written guarantee.
  • Always ask to see an insurance policy or certificate of insurance with enough liability to cover all possible damages or loses.
  • Make sure that ALL related tasks (ie: plumbing, electrical "etc") fall within the capabilities of your contractor if he / she has accepted responsibility for their alterations.

It isn't a crime to do bad work, and although I have seen many renovations which I would classify as criminal ... in reality the crime is of moral and professional origin rather than an actual crime. Courts may administer various actions which are usually a civil matter requiring the services of a lawyer who can be even more costly than a contractor. So the best thing to do is PROTECT YOURSELF at the very beginning and not leave yourself open for disaster.

Although a contractor or business may not be registered with the Better Business Bureau, you are still able to file a legitimate complaint which they keep on file. Even though I'm not a member of the BBB, I still have an A+ Rating.
BBB Rating for Harry Dunbar

Contact me if you have further inquires.

Harry Dunbar

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