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Radiant Heated Floor Systems

Learn about Nuheat's radiant electric floor heating system. Under floor heat for a warm floor.
There are several companies who manufacture electric heating cables and mats which effectively create warm floor surfaces. I've worked with Flextherm, Nu-Heat, EasyHeat, Warmly Yours and various Hydronic systems. These and others all achieve a similar goal of warming the surface of your floor and until you walk on a heated ceramic tile or stone floor .... you can never truely appreciate the warmth and comfort it delivers.

It's important to understand that regardless of the radiant heating you intend to use, it's imperative that it be part of the entire ceramic tile system. You can't simply cover your radiant heating cables or mat with ceramic tile and expect it to last. The existing substrate must be able to support the requirements necessary for a ceramic tile or stone installation, and the heating cables or mat must also be installed as part of that entire system.

If your ceramic tile floor isn't installed as required by the manufacturers specifications ... all parts of your warranty are null/void. What I mean is all components (ie: Mortar, Membranes, Backerboards, Grouts, Heating Cables, etc) each have their own requirements before fulfilling their warranty obligations. This may be why many retail ceramic tile outlets don't aggressively promote radiant heated floors ... it requires a proper ceramic tile installation. Most retailers of heating systems will provide you with a list of competent installers of their products.

Remember ... a radiant heated ceramic tile floor isn't a "floor covering", it's a permanent addition to the structure of your home and should last just as long as your home.

For free estimates on NuHeat floor warming systems contact (email): Harry Dunbar
Or phone Harry Toll-Free (Ontario): 1-866-837-7773
You may also click on the NuHeat link to the left for contractors near you.

NuHeat electric cables - Radiant heated floorsThis is Nuheat electric cable Radiant Floor Heating System

NuHeat electric floor warming cables
This particular cable is a 240V with a 3" spacing over wood.
See the entire process for Nuheat Radiant Heated Floors
This is an EasyHeat radiant floor heating system.

The radiant heating cables must become part of an entire ceramic tile or stone flooring system.

See the entire process.
This is a Hydronic Radiant Heated Floor System.

Qualified plumbers experienced with installing this system came in after I installed the cleavage membrane and lath. When they finished I packed "Deck Mud" to create a flat and level mortar bed for my tile. I was required to build my mortar bed at least 1-1/4" above the top of the tubing.

See the entire process.

Flextherm's "Green Cable (surface)"

See the entire process
NuHeat Heating Cables for shower installations. Great for cold shower benches and areas of the shower-pan where hot water doesn't hit right away.

See the entire process

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