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About This Website

The primary purpose of this website is to promote higher levels of professionalism and craftsmanship within the Ceramic Tile and Natural Stone (service) industry, and by doing so .... we also hope to build a stronger sense of confidence by the consumer for the qualified tradesmen who strive to be the best at their craft.

North American Tile has become very active in sharing information in regard to all aspects of ceramic tile, materials and installation procedures. We receive on average about 100,000 hits per day, 4,000 sessions per day and over 10,000 page-views per day. We are also listed in the Top 10 of all major search engines in the world with the most common related "search words". In general, we've become a very busy resource.

For the home renovator, tradesperson, builder, or Do-It-Yourselfer ... we provide in-depth information on all aspects of ceramic tile installation and related technical information. Once you visit this website you'll be armed with all the necessary information to proceed with your project.

The Discussion Forum is a great forum for questions and answers regarding any technical or installation concern.

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