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Ceramic Tile steam Shower

All work by: Harry Dunbar
Barrie, Ontario
Phone: (705) 424 - 5144
Toll Free: 1-866-837-7773

(Toll Free for Ontario residents)


This shower will be a steam shower.
The backerboard will be Kerdi Board with the seams sealed with Kerdi Band and Kerdi Fix.

The shower will be completely waterproof and vapor proof when I'm completed.
The bench is a wood structure which will also be strengthened with plywood before Kerdi Board is installed.
I'm using 1 inch thick Kerdi Board because I like the solid feel of the panels. I've been told by Schluter that 1/2" board is fine for this application, but I still choose to use the thicker boards as my preference.

The Kerdi Board has been supplied by Tilemaster in Barrie, Ontario.

The Kerdi Board is installed and seams sealed with Kerdi-Fix caulking.

Notice the slope of the ceiling. There is a 2" drop per linear foot.

I'm using a trough drain which allows me to build a flat mortar bed sloped to the drain.

I've built a mortar bed curb.
All the seams in the shower have been covered with Kerdi Band and bonded to the Kerdi Board using unmodified mortar.

I've installed Nuheat heating cables over the bench and shower pan

Learn about Nuheat's radiant electric floor heating system. Under floor heat for a warm floor.
I've leveled the cables with mud before installing a waterproof membrane.
Of course I'm using Kerdi waterproof membrane for the shower pan.

I've use the flange that comes with the Kerdi drain kit to seal around the steam pipe. I was told by Schluter this is the best solution, as the Kerdi-Fix won't take the direct heat.
I've sealed around the trough drain with Kerdi Fix caulking.

There will be an accent strip of black metal tile set into the bare vertical strip.
This style of drain system is very popular in Europe. I also think that it is much more efficient and attractive than the conventional round drain.
The tile isn't grouted yet.
My customer knew what he wanted. There are 2 separate water sources running on 3/4" tubing, 2 controlers 3 diverters and other cool stuff to make this shower unique.

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