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Ceramic Tile Ratings

  • Group I
    These tiles are usually used in residential bathroom floors and are not recommended for any area that will have any constant or heavy foot traffic.

  • Group II
    These tiles can be used on residential interior floors but should not be used in areas such as kitchens, entry ways, stairs, or areas that me have contact with sand or gravel and then be walked on.

  • Group III
    These tiles can be used for any residential or light commercial application. The only place this tile would not be used is in a heavy traffic commercial area such as in a bank at a teller window, a restaurant, etc.

  • Group IV
    These tiles can be used for any residential and most all commercial applications. These tiles could even be used in such heavy traffic areas as a shopping mall.

  • Group V
    These tiles can be used for all residential, commercial, as well as industrial applications where extreme durability is required.

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