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Technical Information

Shower Pan Liner Including Pre-Slope Before installing a "Shower Pan Liner", it is important to create a pre-slope under the liner. This section shows the whole process from start to finish including the CBU on the walls and the mortar curb. I'd like to thank John Bridge for his method of building the "curb".
How to install Kerdi membrane using a standard drain I use this system ONLY for basement showers where configuration for a new Kerdi drain just isn't practical. MUST be done right otherwise the pan will fail.
building a bench for a ceramic tile or stone shower How to build a brick and mortar bench in your shower
Mortar Bed for Walls Illustrated step-by-step instructions for building mortar bed walls. See why properly constructed "mud-walls" are the still the BEST method to create a flat and plumb surface for ceramic tile.
Schluter Kerdi Board  Schluter Kerdi Board. A new product from the industry leader. Ceramic tile shower construction.

Plywood or OSB as a base for tiles.

The effects of wood shrinkage and dimensional changes caused by humidity.

CBD-206. Quarry Tile and other Ceramic Floor Tiles

Published by the National Research Council of Canada. A very informative description of all aspects of installations and installation problems.
Ceramic Tile Ratings There are different ratings or groups that are used to establish the durability of a ceramic tile. We have them listed here.
Shower floor drain to liner (ie: weep holes) Too many drains are installed by plumbers who have no idea how the clamping drain assembly needs to be incorporated with the liner.
Cement Board Units (CBU) Find out more about all the various Cement Board Units (CBU)such as Durock and Wonderboard etc.
How to mix Deck-Mud for shower pans and mortar beds. How to make Deck-Mud for use in building mortar beds and shower pans. A very important step in getting it right.

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